About Jim

About V3 Racing

Dr. Jim Martin is a father, husband, engineer, professor, and coach.  He is a Level 1 USAT Coach and has completed the Ironman and Training Peaks University programs.  In 2008,  his weight reached an all time high and his health reached an all time low.  He hadn't owned a bike since he was a teenager and had never run longer than 100 yards.  Being an obsessive-compulsive ultra analytical researcher and engineer, he went off the deep end and by 2016 had self-coached to 6 Ironman Finishes including Kona.  His biggest joy is playing a small part in his athletes' breaking through self-imposed arbitrary barriers.

Metairie, Louisiana, United States   |   V3TriRacing@gmail.com

V3 was founded to help athletes of all levels enjoy sport through improved fitness and performance.  We keep our total number of athletes low so that each athlete is treated individually.  We do not generate cookie cutter plans, we do not cut and paste from one athlete to another.  We consult with each athlete individually to craft reasonable goals around the demands of every day living.

Our athletes have jobs, families, and other important commitments; we enjoy helping to balance the priorities that compete for the time of our athletes each day.